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Our summer adventure in Europe and music camps are behind us and we are now focusing on school and music. We are looking forward to the concerts with the Boston Youth Simphony Orchestra. We are also very pleased with the music classes at the Rivers School Conservatory in Weston, MA.

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As can be further investigated in our singular biographies below, each of us started music at a very young age. When we started our instruments, we had never imagined that we could have a trio. Our mother and father, while Emilia was choosing between viola and cello, were the first to think of the idea that we might be able to play together if Emilia chose cello. We all agreed that to have a trio was a splendid idea, and Emilia, loving the sweet, deep sound of the cello, agreed happily to start cello lessons with Arkady Beletsky. We decided to test our trio once Emilia learned the basics of cello playing. After about four months in her cello training, Emilia took the initiative and composed a cello part for the violin-piano piece called 'Rondino' by a Hungarian composer Istvan Selenyi which Katarina and Simonida have been playing. This was our first piece we practiced as a trio. We were able to listen to each other, and being sisters and knowing each others' style of playing, were able to predict when and what the other two sisters would do. Within a few days of practicing, our piece had become a beautiful chorus of tones from the little dainty violin, the deep and melodious cello, and the harmonious piano.

We had our first concert appearing as a trio in the First Parish Church in Sudbury. It was a success, and we decided to keep playing as a trio.

Emilia's teacher, Arkady, started coaching us as a trio, but when Emilia started taking lessons with Tim Terranella, we found ourselves without a trio coach! Our progress as a trio was limited to our musical interpretations. Thankfully, in the summer of 2014, we found Marla Rubinson to be our trio teacher, and we are now enjoying it more than ever before! We have also won generous scholarships at the Rivers School Conservatory, so we have new music teachers for all instruments, and we think they are all amazing.

One day, we hope to perform around the world! But, for now, as children, we are happy to just amuse ourselves in playing with each other for the most inimitable sound in the world; the sound of a musical harmony between sisters.
Katarina was born on February 3rd, 2006. She loves music and dancing. She has been playing piano ever since she could reach it, and started formal classes in violin, piano and ballet when she was 5 years old.

When it was time for her to begin her music education, she was already good friends with her sisters' piano teacher, Niva Fried, and nobody questioned that she would take piano lessons. But, after the whole year of piano classes was agreed upon (and payed for), Katarina heard a concert violin. Oh, what a sweet sound! Katarina decided she had to learn to play the violin, too. She confronted her parents, demanding violin lessons, or she refused to play piano. At first her parents dismissed her, but they soon realized she was serious; she refused to even touch the piano until she was given violin lessons.

Her first steps on violin were with her Serbian violin teacher, Milan Čizmić, while she was staying with her grandmother in Serbia. When she came back home, she was enrolled with Alexander Vavilov, and she progressed so rapidly, that at the end of the school year, she was already playing Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor. (It might be because she was afraid that if she didn't progress fast enough, her parents would make her quit violin.) The following year, at age 7, at the MMTA Bay State Contest Piano Division, she won the first prize and the second prize in the Violin Division, two favorite trophies in one day. In the summer of 2014, she transferred from Alex Vavilov to Magdalena Richter, acclaimed violin teacher in New England who lead her to win the first prize in the 2015 MMTA violin competition. In summertime, she takes violin lessons with her first violin teacher, Milan Čizmić. She also switched from Niva Fried in piano to Sayuri Miyamoto, famed pianist and accompanyist.

She learned to read music before she learned to read language. Her favorite composers are J.S. Bach and Antonio Vivaldi.
Emilia was born on New Year's Day in 2004. Since her older sister, Simonida, showed talent for piano, and Emilia proved to be a very interested observer of her sister's piano lessons with Niva Fried, Niva gladly accepted this young student. Thanks to Niva's furious efforts at schooling her, Emilia won the second place in the MMTA Bay State Contest, Piano Division for 2012, and first in 2013. In the summer of 2014, she transferred to Sayuri Miyamoto to be her new piano teacher.

The story of how Emilia began cello classes is not so commonly witnessed in the modern world. She began violin classes alongside with Katarina, but quickly discovered she had an inclination towards the lower-pitched instruments. Torn between switching to viola, which was similar to her violin, and continuing with her old teacher, or starting an entirely new instrument, cello, with Arkady Beletsky, she was the one who chose cello, and enabled the creation of a piano trio within the family. Emilia had switched from Mr. Beletsky to Tim Terranella, but now she had settled with a renowned cellist and educator Ronald Lowry at the Rivers School Conservatory.

Emilia and her sisters spend summers with their Grandmother in Serbia. She comforts her older sister, who is easily afflicted by motion sickness, on the plane ride, and with her gentle personality, even makes her frustrated mother calm down and enjoy the view. While in Serbia, she takes cello lessons with Marijana Krmpotić. Emilia also likes to draw, makes little bracelets and earrings for her friends and family, and likes to cook.
Simonida was born on February 12, 2001. She began her performing career when in kindergarten. Her mother, having played piano in her younger years, had though that maybe her daughter might have some amount of musical talent stored inside, and inspired the young kindergartner to begin lessons with Diana Shapira, of which Simonida still holds fond memories. When Miss Shapira moved away to pursue her Ph.D. in music, Simonida transferred to study with Niva Fried, and now she is with Sayuri Miyamoto. Simonida likes to compete and has won many prizes in piano competitions.

Simonida started playing flute in the school band when she was 10, and when she realized she wanted to really play flute as more than a hobby, she started taking flute classes with Tim Terranella. Now she formally takes flute classes with Ann Bobo, acclaimed flutist. When in Serbia, where she spends summers with her extended family, she takes flute classes with Aleksandar Đurić.

As well as loving to try new instruments, Simonida likes to figure out logic puzzles and do all arts (except for most modern arts at the moment). Simonida also loves to eat! (She claims it to be because she's a growing child.) She also likes going outside in spring to climb trees, run, and swim when possible. She enjoys exploring new places, yet hates the actual act of going there on some means of newfangled man-made transportation. (She gets motion sick very easily.)